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Neonicotinoids in global surface waters – risks and challenges

In this blog post, Sebastian Stehle presents a meta-analysis on the exposure and risks of the most widely used insecticides in the world, neonicotinoids, for global agricultural surface waters. Although acute risks for aquatic organisms from neonicotinoid exposure appear to be low, risk assessment results also show chronic risks to be of critical concern. Importantly, official regulatory threshold levels (RTLs) determined for pesticide authorization differed widely between countries, indicating large uncertainties and regulatory challenges in defining robust and protective threshold levels for neonicotinoids.

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Why coffee makes you alert after a heavy lunch: Mixture neurotoxicity explained through the lens of zebrafish behaviour

In this blogpost, Fola Ogungbemi talks about the effects of mixtures of neuroactive substances. Risk assessment of chemicals is usually conducted for individual chemicals whereas mixtures of chemicals occur in the environment. Considering that neuroactive chemicals are a group of contaminants that dominate the environment, it is then imperative to understand the effects of mixtures of neuroactive substances.

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What’s driving insecticide pollution in agricultural surface waters?

In this post, Jakob Wolfram talks about his most recent paper “Insecticide Risks in United States Surface Waters: Drivers and Spatiotemporal Modeling”. This publication analyzed the drivers of insecticide nonpoint source pollution and used a modelling approach to identify regions in the U.S. where surface waters may be at risk.

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