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Spiders as key predators of aquatic prey

In this blogpost, Eric and his research group explore the key role of spiders in riparian ecosystems. Analyzing a substantial stable isotope dataset, this study uncovers nuanced patterns of aquatic insect consumption by spiders, considering hunting modes, habitat specializations and seasonal variations. 

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Neonicotinoids in global surface waters – risks and challenges

In this blog post, Sebastian Stehle presents a meta-analysis on the exposure and risks of the most widely used insecticides in the world, neonicotinoids, for global agricultural surface waters. Although acute risks for aquatic organisms from neonicotinoid exposure appear to be low, risk assessment results also show chronic risks to be of critical concern. Importantly, official regulatory threshold levels (RTLs) determined for pesticide authorization differed widely between countries, indicating large uncertainties and regulatory challenges in defining robust and protective threshold levels for neonicotinoids.

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