Photo Competition “TOXISCH — TOXIC!”

CampusKultur at RPTU is holding its yearly photo competition. The topic this year is going to be dangerous: TOXISCH – TOXIC! They would like to see your associations, interpretations and ideas!

You can show how you relate to the topic, for example through ecotoxicology, and how you approach it creatively. The selected entries will be part of the exhibition “TOXISCH – TOXIC!” at the Photography Club of the RPTU (FLAB). The best pictures will be honoured at the Vernissage on July 4th, and there are cash prizes of up to 600,-€ to be won.


  • You are a hobby photographer. Professionals, i.e. people who earn money with their photographic work, are excluded from participation. Entries created with generative AI are excluded from participation.
  • Submit up to three printed photos in 30×40 or 35×45 cm format to Ulrike Annecke or Katharina Prinz from CampusKultur (86-111/113). Alternatively: letterbox at building 86.
  • Write your name, contact details (including e-mail address and telephone number) and the picture’s title on the back.
  • By participating in the competition, you declare that you own all copyrights and other rights to the photos submitted and that the persons depicted in them agree to their publication.
  • You agree that the images may be distributed as part of the competition.

The deadline for submission is Friday, June 28

Application details and conditions of participation can be found here. We look forward to seeing your submissions!!