The EcotoxBlog is a joint effort of the University of Koblenz-Landau’s Institute for Environmental Sciences and Welcome Center together with students from the masters program in Ecotoxicology.

The “official” BlogTeam

Jakob Wolfram aka JW; Editor-in-Chief

“Hi, I’m Jakob. I’m an Ecotoxicologist with the Student Advisory Service for Landau’s masters program in Ecotoxicology. If you have any questions regarding this program or any suggestions for the EcotoxBlog, just drop me an e-mail via”

Magesh Sandhya aka Sandhya; Senior Editor & Social Media Manager

“Hi, I’m Sandhya. I’m an Ecotoxicologist and student of Landau’s masters program in Ecotoxicology. I was an avid reader of the EcotoxBlog since the beginning of my studies and joined the EcotoxBlog team as a full-time member in Septmeber 2021.”

Student bloggers

Emma Yenney aka EY; Student Blogger

Emma has a B.Sc. in Environmental Sciences and studies Environmental Pollution Management (Ecotoxicology) here in Landau.

Former full-time or honorary members

Jochen Zubrod aka JPZ; Former Editor-in-Chief

Jochen Zubrod was an Ecotoxicologist in Landau and has created, maintained, and grown the EcotoxBlog since 2015.

Verena Sesin aka Ve; Former Senior Editor & Social Media Manager

Verena joined the EcotoxBlog team as student blogger in 2015. When she graduated from the MSc Ecotoxicology program in February 2017, she was promoted to Senior Editor & Social Media Manager, and served in this role until August 2021.

Former student bloggers

Adnan Khan aka AK

Kymberly Newton aka kymn

Katharina aka Kati

Lara aka LL

Nadine Kämmer aka NK