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Highlights of 2023 (Part 1)

In the first part of the ‘Highlights of 2023’ series, we give our readers a glance of 3 most visited posts about scientific publications in this year. 

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Should we go the easy way? Realism in decomposition studies

Decomposition of organic matter is a critical function in streams and is important for their food webs. Because of this, organic matter decomposition is the subject of many studies. In this blog post, Verena Schreiner talks about a recently published paper in which decomposition was analysed using different substrates.

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Avenues for future research to predict the effects of chemicals

Predicting effects of chemicals in ecosystems is complex due to many factors that influence the action of chemicals. Moreover, understanding chemical effects in ecosystems requires the integration of multiple levels of biological organisation such as cells, organs, organisms, whole populations, communities or ecosystems, which is rarely done. In this blogpost, Anke Schneeweiss and her research team provide a framework for how to integrate these levels by delineating connections between different ecotoxicological perspectives.

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