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Should we go the easy way? Realism in decomposition studies

Decomposition of organic matter is a critical function in streams and is important for their food webs. Because of this, organic matter decomposition is the subject of many studies. In this blog post, Verena Schreiner talks about a recently published paper in which decomposition was analysed using different substrates.

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Can heterogeneous landscapes mitigate pesticide stress?

In this blogpost, Moritz Link reports how pesticide toxicity affects stream ecosystems in Transylvania, Romania, a region where traditional agriculture prevails. The researchers analyzed macroinvertebrate communities, leaf litter decomposition and parasite prevalence in relation to physico-chemical stressors in the stream and the landscape.

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Year in Review – Part 1

In this first installment of the ‘Year in Review’ series, we would like to give our readers a glimpse of some of the best blogposts of the year 2021.

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