Position as Scientific Worker in Aquatic Ecotoxicology at Goethe University (Frankfurt am Main)

The Institute for Ecology, Evolution and Diversity at Goethe University is looking for a scientific employee in the Aquatic Ecotoxicology department.

The position is a part of the project SLInBio funded by the BMBF. The project focuses on urban lifestyle and valorisation of biodiversity – dragonflies, grasshoppers and bumble bees within the city of Frankfurt. Ecotoxicological expertise is needed in this project to quantify the effects of the material stressors from everyday practices on the diversity of insects.

The prerequisites for this position include a diploma or master’s degree in Environmental sciences or Biosciences with focus on Ecotoxicology. The candidate should possess in-depth knowledge in ecotoxicology and statistics. Linguistic proficiency in German and English are expected. Additionally, skills such as creativity, problem-solving and organisational skills are appreciated. Possession of a driving license is desirable.

Applications with all relevant documents should be sent as a PDF to Prof. Dr. Jörg Oehlmann (Institute for Ecology, Evolution und Diversity of the Faculty of Biosciences at Goethe University) on the following e-mail address – oehlmann@bio.uni-frankfurt.de

Application deadline – 30th November, 2021

Please refer to the attached official job posting for further details regarding the position.