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A synthesis of research related to aquatic-terrestrial coupling through emergence-mediated contaminant transfer

In this blogpost, Ralf Schulz talks about a recent review paper summarizing the newest literature on how anthropogenic stressors, such as pollutants, invasive species and hydromorphological changes in aquatic ecosystems affect the aquatic-terrestrial ecosystem coupling and particularly the food webs in terrestrial recipient food webs.

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Impacts of Anthropogenic Stressors on Aquatic Insects and Terrestrial Food Webs

Anthropogenic stressors have a significant impact on the delicate balance of ecosystems such as emergence of aquatic insects, connecting aquatic and terrestrial food webs. These insects act as a high-quality food source for terrestrial consumers, such as spiders. In this blogpost, Sebastian Pietz talks about his latest publication on exploring the potential effects of subsidy quality on spiders.

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