Exploring Environmental Frontiers: Highlights from the 12th SETAC YES Meeting 2023 (Part 2)

The 12th YES Meeting, organized by SETAC Europe’s Student Advisory Council, brought together emerging environmental scientists at RPTU (Campus Landau), Germany, to delve into the theme “Science Through Crises.” The second installment of this multipart blog series centers on the pivotal informative sessions conducted throughout the week-long YES Meeting 2023.

The 12th SETAC Young Environmental Scientists Meeting (YES Meeting) was hosted by the Student Advisory Council (SAC) of SETAC Europe at RPTU (Campus Landau), Germany from 28th August – 1st September 2023. This international forum brought together students and early career environmental scientists to exchange research and ideas in a welcoming and professional setting. With the theme “Science Through Crises,” the conference addressed the challenges and opportunities posed by global crises. The event, aligned with SETAC’s goal of Environmental Quality Through Science, fostered networking, education and empowerment for young researchers and experts from around the world.

On the last two days of the YES Meeting 2023, a series of engaging sessions and activities took place, showcasing the conference’s diverse and insightful agenda. Participants delved into the realm of aquatic ecotoxicology, exploring alternatives to animal testing, as well as environmental modeling and computational ecotoxicology. Poster sessions and coffee breaks provided platforms for interactive discussions. The program continued with sessions on microplastics and mechanistic ecotoxicology, offering valuable insights into emerging environmental concerns.

An array of insightful expert talk sessions enriched the experience of the YES Meeting 2023. Distinguished professionals from diverse fields shared their expertise, shedding light on various subjects and fostering meaningful discussions. Here is a summary of the expert talk session held in the last two days of the YES Meeting 2023:-

1.   Policy and Environmental Science – Crossroads, Chances and Challenges (August 31)

   – Dr. Leonie Mueller discussed her work as a policy officer at Altertox Academy and her research on non-animal methods for chemical risk assessment. She explored the intersection of policy and environmental science.

In addition to the vibrant social gatherings, the SETAC YES Meeting 2023 also featured thought-provoking sessions that delved into critical environmental topics. One such session that stood out was “Between Healthy and Toxic – From Nature Restoration Law to REACH – an Unfiltered Update From the European Parliament” presented by Jutta Paulus, representing the Greens / EFA in the European Parliament. This session provided attendees with an unfiltered and up-to-date perspective on various environmental legislations and their implications. Participants gained valuable insights into the intricate workings of policies and regulations that impact environmental quality.

Here are some glimpses of the informative sessions held during the YES Meeting 2023:-

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