Research Training Group SystemLink – The journey continues

In this blogpost, Ralf Schulz reports that the DFG has decided to continue the funding of the Research Training Group 2360 SystemLink, which is taking place at the iES Landau.

SystemLink seeks to understand how anthropogenic stress in aquatic environment is transferred e.g. via emerging insects or flooding to adjacent terrestrial ecosystems and affects the food webs therein. In SystemLink, a group of 12 doctoral researchers had started their studies in 2019, almost all of them have meanwhile successfully completed their theses.

Currently, a second cohort of 12 doctoral researchers is underway and actively collaborate utilizing large experimental facilities such as the unique outdoor Riparian Stream Mesocosm in Landau. In 2025, a third schort of 14 doctoral researches will commence their PhD studies. They aim to conduct a large joint field study, which will take place at many aquatic-terrestrial sites in the vicinity of Landau.

SystemLink is currently among the largest concerted research project on aquatic-terrestrial linkages.