AMEO experience – Eurofins Agroscience (Non-target arthropods) – Karla Fernanda González (2023)

In this blogpost, Karla Fernanda González shares her internship experience at Eurofins. Students of the  Environmental Pollution Management (Ecotoxicology)  Program complete an 8-week internship each year, the so-called “AMEO”. The AMEO is performed either at an external university, governmental or industrial research institute  where students learn to apply the competences achieved during their study. Students also use this opportunity to travel and explore Germany. 

“Hello, everyone!

I’m Karla Fernanda González, currently immersed in my third semester pursuing a master’s degree in Environmental Pollution Management (Ecotoxicology). As part of our academic journey in Ecotoxicology,we are encouraged to gain practical experience through internships, typically during the second semester. My enthusiasm led me to explore the industry laboratories, and thus, I made the decision to apply to Eurofins.

Eurofins has a significant presence in Germany, housing a multitude of specialized laboratories, each dedicated to various scientific fields. My chosen destination was Eurofins Agroscience in Niefern-Öschelbronn,Baden-Württemberg, the neighboring state of Rheinland-Pfalz. There, I had the opportunity of immersing myself in the field of Ecotoxicology, specifically focusing on the Non-target Arthropods area.

My time at Eurofins presented an invaluable opportunity to acquire a lot of skills, which gave me  not only a training in good laboratory practices (GLP) but also the confidence to participate in a diverse range of experiments that involved Eisenia fetida (earthworms), Aranae (spiders), Folsomia, Aphids, and Coccinella septempunctata (ladybugs). But the journey did not stop there! Over time, as my experience increased and my capabilities expanded, so did my responsibilities , including the meticulous task of pollen extraction, and much more, giving me the real scientist feeling!

These three months of immersion in Eurofins Agroscience not only  boosted my laboratory proficiency but also my analytical side. On a personal note, it significantly enhanced my German listening skills,which meant a lot to me, and as well as an everyday aspect, my daily commutes transformed me into a true expert of the DB train system! Last but certainly not the least, this internship provided me with the privilege to make enduring bonds with colleagues and friends, making  the whole experience even more better!”

Here are some beautiful glimpses from Karla’s AMEO:-