PhD position on eDNA biomonitoring of freshwater ecosystems

Four french environmental research laboratories jointly offer a PhD position on the use of passive eDNA sensors to monitor the biological communities of intermittent rivers and groundwaters.

Environmental DNA (eDNA) offers the opportunity to monitor dynamic and hard to reach ecosystems such as intermittent rivers and groundwaters. However, its use is still limited by methodological roadblocks.

The aim of this PhD project is to test the potential of passive eDNA sensors to monitor the unique biological communities of these ecosystems. The main objectives are to test the sensors in the lab and in natural settings, develop new metabarcoding methods, and perform the bioinformatic analyses and their valorisation.

The PhD researcher will work with four academic laboratories: LEHNA/CNRS-Univ. Lyon1, DYNAM/IRSTEA, ICBMS/CNRS-Univ Lyon1 and CARRTEL/INRA.

For more details and to apply, please see the official job posting in French or contact:

Tristan Lefebure (LEHNA,

Thibault Datry (DYNAM,

Amélie Barthès (Eurofins Hydrobiologie France,