Master thesis opportunity on fungicide effects on leaf decomposition

Is the effect of fungicides on leaf decomposition dependent on substrate properties? Uncover relevant processes and mechanisms in a master thesis with us.

Spores of leaf-decomposing fungi (photo by N. Koksharova)

The research community targeting leaf decomposition under stress has largely employed one specific leaf species in their research, namely black alder. However, black alder is currently dying back along riparian zones in Europe, providing ample opportunities for other species to replace it. This calls for an investigation of the role of leaf (substrate) properties for effects induced by chemical stress on the decomposition performance of leaf-associated microbes.

We offer a master thesis that will help uncover relevant processes and mechanisms. As a start, the work will likely be mainly based in the laboratory with the opportunity to combine biochemical assays, standard microbial analyses and molecular biological assessment.

The start date is quite flexible and the work does not necessarily require prior knowledge in this particular subject.

If you are interested, please contact us:

Mirco Bundschuh ( & Jochen Zubrod (