Position as a Water Quality Modeller at the European Commission

The Joint Research Centre (JRC), which provides independent, evidence-based knowledge and science, supporting EU policies to positively impact society is looking for a water quality modeller.

The current vacancy is with Directorate for Sustainable Resources, Ocean and Water Unit within the JRC. The jobholder will contribute to the enhancement and application of the JRC water quality modelling framework, for the benefit of EU policies and priorities.
The assignment entails a close collaboration with various Commission services and stakeholders.

The tasks of the successful candidate will be:

  1. The development, improvement, calibration and validation of the JRC water quality model, addressing nutrients, chemicals, biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), underpinning the assessment of the impact of EU and international water policies in the context of climate change, and including socio-economic aspects.
  2. The assessment, in a spatial and time dimension, of nutrient flows and cycles through different pathways in river basins and the land-sea continuum, as well as the analysis of water quality changes at European scale.
  3. The evaluation of future nutrient pressures scenarios in inland water systems, – rivers, lakes, groundwater, transitional waters -, and coastal waters, while including the effect of climate change as well as cost-benefit assessments and impacts of existing and envisioned policy measures of the Water Framework Directive, Nitrates Directive, Urban Waste Water Directive, and Marine Strategy Framework Directive.
  4. The maintenance of the GREEN and GREEN+ models and their linkage to the hydrological model LISFLOOD and the JRC freshwater-marine modelling framework Blue2.
  5. The dissemination of resulting scientific advice to policy makers and stakeholders.

Applicants must:-

  1. Hold a PhD (doctoral diploma) in the field of hydrology or a closely related field, or a university degree and 5 years of research experience after the university giving access to doctoral studies.
  2. Have expertise in nutrient cycles and with the management, processing and analysis of large nutrients datasets.
  3. Possess advanced knowledge of R and/or Python programming.
  4. Possess good knowledge of spoken and written English (B2 minimum is required).

For more information regarding the job position and the application procedure, please refer to the link below:-