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Impact of fungicides on amphibian development & metamorphosis

In this post, Mirco Bundschuh and Carsten Brühl talk about a recent publication assessing the impact of fungicide-induced changes in food quality on the development and metamorphoses of the European common frog (Rana temopraria). This work is published open access in Ecology and Evolution. Relevant data is made available to the research community through dryad.

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SETAC SciCon: Spotlight on our presentations (Part 3)

Our research at University of Koblenz-Landau is going virtual at SETAC SciCon! In this three-part blog series, we highlight several poster and platform presentations of our researchers: Today, find out what Ralf. B. Schäfer, Alexander Feckler, and Eric Bollinger have planned for the conference.

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