RPC opportunity in the MAGIC research team

The MAGIC (Meta-Analysis of Global Insecticide Contamination) research team is offering a Research Project Course (RPC) on transport distances of pesticides in surface waters to students of Ecotoxicology and Environmental Sciences.

Methods: Literature research and model evaluation

Small river flowing through a rural landscape (Copyright Colourbox)

The RPC is intended as an initial literature research to find out how pesticide transport distances can be incorporated into surface water exposure models at the global scale. Scientific publications are screened for field studies that report pesticide transport distances in surface waters including relevant drivers. In addition, studies on existing exposure models should be evaluated regarding the consideration and potential further implementation of pesticide transport processes. Following condensation of the findings, models will be evaluated based on the literature research. The model evaluations aim to check whether existing models can be applied or adapted to simulate pesticide transport. This research project will contribute to the understanding of pesticide distribution in the environment, and improve pesticide exposure and risk assessment.

Start date: flexible

Beneficial prerequisites: Good understanding of scientific studies; basic knowledge on pesticide fate & transport processes in surface waters; basic understanding of exposure modelling approaches

If you are interested in this RPC opportunity, please contact us:

Sebastian Stehle (stehle@uni-landau.de) & Ralf Schulz (schulz@uni-landau.de)

Follow-up work (e.g., master thesis) is possible for students interested in further investigating the issue.