Position as Research Assistant in FG-Medicines at UBA

The UBA (Federal Environment Agency) is accepting applications for the position of a Research Assistant in its specialist area – ‘Medicines’.

The position is embedded in a project related to ‘Evaluation of confidential data from applicants’ studies from UBA internal database to review regulatory and legislative issues’. Main tasks of this position are:-

  1. Evaluation of data sets on the effects and fate of drugs in the environment in the UBA’s internal databases.
  2. Identification and application of appropriate methodological approaches to multivariable data analysis.
  3. Review of the protectiveness of derived effect thresholds, the further development of exposure models, as well as the identification of active ingredients with incomplete data sets and their prioritization.
  4. Technical classification and evaluation of the results
  5. Participation in the department in data management, data evaluation as well as communication and publication of results.
  6. Creating scientific peer-reviewed publications.

Candidates should possess a completed university degree in natural sciences (master’s degree, university diploma), preferably in the field of mathematics, statistics, biometrics, biostatistics or environmental sciences. Very good knowledge of statistical analyzes including the use of the corresponding software (e.g. R, SAS, SPSS, Stata) is desired with experience in preparing and analyzing large datasets.

Application deadline: 26th October, 2023

For more information on the job position and application process, please refer to the link below:-