RECETOX Summer School 2024 and PARC Training

Would you like to learn more on chemical exposure and modelling?

Partnership for the Assessment of Risks from Chemicals (PARC) is offering a Training Course on Chemical Exposure & Modeling from the 10th to 12th of June 2024 in Brno, Czech Republic.

What is the PARC?

The Partnership for the Assessment of Risks from Chemicals aims to develop next-generation chemical risk assessment to protect human health and the environment. It supports the European Union’s Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability and the European Green Deal’s “Zero pollution” ambition with new data, knowledge, methods and tools, expertise and networks. 

What to expect from the course?

The first part of the training will focus on identifying input data necessary for exposure assessments, including food, indoor and outdoor environments, and consumer products. A critical overview will be given to exposure factors and how environmental data can be interpreted and spatially evaluated in the context of exposure assessment. 

The second part of the training program focuses on learning about the modelling processes, identifying the input data required for model parameterisation and using PBPK models for selected substances to reconstruct or estimate the amount of a chemical to which a person has been exposed (i.e. the exposure dose).

Applications are open until the 15th April and more information can be found here