Post-doc in aquatic ecotoxicology at INRAE, Lyon

INRAE laboratory in Lyon (FR) is inviting applications for a post-doc in analyzing the influence of toxic chemical contamination on stream invertebrate communities. It is an 18-month position, starting in Spring 2023.

This position works on the use of the sentinel species Gammarus fossarum in the field of biomonitoring the effects of chemical pollution in rivers. Roles and responsibilities include :-

  1. To maintain an inventory of the available data on the hydro-regions covered by the RMC basin in order to define different study areas presenting a homogeneity of the expected species assemblages.
  2. To study different spatial scales of the relationship “ecotox indicators vs. species abundance/diversity”.
  3. To identify sensitive and tolerant taxa to toxic chemical pressure, thus questioning the phylogenetic or functional determinants of species vulnerability.
  4. To analyse the faunistic lists observed in the monitoring networks in order to identify a possible impact of chemical pressure on the stations not currently monitored by gammarid caging.
  5. To communicate the results (writing of scientific articles for international journals, communication at conferences, writing of report).

Prospective candidates should hold a PhD in ecology or ecotoxicology – skills in biology and community ecology , particularly in freshwater invertebrates and skills in statistical modeling to decipher ecology/environment relationships.

Application deadline: End of February 2023

For more information regarding the job position and application process, please refer to the attachment below:-