Position as Research Assistant(s) at University of Kassel

The Department of Aquatic Ecology in Landscape Planning at University of Kassel is accepting applications for the positions of research assistants with the possibility of a doctorate. 

Position #1 focusses on food web analysis using stable isotope analysis in anthropogenically influenced stream systems. Position #2 lays emphasis on accompanying research for the resettlement project of the river mussel in the nest.

Pre-conditions include a university degree in landscape planning/landscape ecology or a related course (including biology, environmental sciences, geoecology) with good to very good results. The required degree must be available by the hiring date at the latest. Also, an above-average knowledge of scientific basics of water ecology, animal ecology and/or nature and species protection is necessary.

Application deadline: 17th March, 2023

For more information on the job position and the application process, please refer to the link given below:-