Position as Scientific Employee at the Institute of Viticulture and Oenology

The Institute for Viticulture and Oenology in Neustadt an der Weinstraße is hiring a scientific employee for a research project in Viticulture.

The project is titled “Spatiotemporal high-resolution recording of microclimatic parameters in viticulture to optimize forecast models and business processes using the example of Rhineland-Palatinate wineries”, and abbreviated as ‘VitiMikroKlim‘.

Areas of responsibility for the position include:-

  1. Screening of climate-induced soil water balances 
  2. Perspiration measurements
  3. Growth measurements on vines
  4. Screening of photochemical processes 
  5. Application of remote sensing techniques 
  6. Hyperspectral applications
  7. Microclimatic measurements 
  8. Preparation and analysis of data
  9. Transfer of results and knowledge with project partners 
  10. Development of a microclimatically adapted viticultural management

Candidates are expected to fulfill the following requirements :-

  1. Master’s degree (M.Sc.) in biology, agricultural biology, agricultural sciences, geography or similar subjects.
  2. Special interest in physiological issues (photosynthesis, transpiration) and in the application of sensor techniques in viticulture.
  3. Technical experience in botany, plant physiology and hydrology.
  4. Technical understanding and experience in viticulture, especially care measures and irrigation.
  5. IT experience (e.g. MS Office) and computer skills such as using communication tools (e.g. zoom, video conferences).
  6. Documentation and reporting experience.
  7. Basic experience in managing project groups and the organization of project meetings and workshops, as well as the publication of scientific results.
  8. Class B driving licence (Possibly proof of driving a UAV in the open class (A1 or A2)).
  9. High degree of teamwork, organizational skills, scientific curiosity and interest in practical issues.

Application documents are to be sent to :-

Ländlicher Raum Rheinpfalz
-Zentralgruppe Verwaltung-

Breitenweg 71
67435 Neustadt

The advertised position is a full-time position, limited until June 30, 2023.

For more information on the advertised position, please contact Prof. Dr. Andreas Düker (Tel.: 06561/9480-566, email address: andreas.dueker@dlr.rlp.de). More information about the service center for rural areas in the Rhine-Palatinate can be found at www.dlr-rheinpfalz.rlp.de.

Application deadline – 27th May, 2022

For the official job posting, please see the attachment :-