PhD Researcher in Mixture Toxicology and Modelling

The Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ) is offering a PhD position as Researcher in Mixture Toxicology and Modelling within the Department of Ecotoxicology in Leipzig.

The job

The UFZ Department of Ecotoxicology deals with toxicological questions from the molecular to the ecosystem scale in the area of human and ecosystem health protection. The working group “integrative toxicology” uses toxicological data, based on toxicogenomic and phenotypic effect pattern analyses, for mixture risk assessment and identification of modes of action and seeks a highly motivated student interested in mixture toxicity, toxicogenomics, data analysis and modelling to address those challenges. Depending on the candidate, this project can be further refined as a pure computational project or a rather wet-lab project.

The tasks

  • investigate the toxicogenomic responses of environmentally relevant chemical mixtures in time and concentration-resolved experiments;
  • calculate mixture toxicity with additive and independent action models;
  • apply concentration-response modelling for molecular endpoints and derive pathway-specific effect thresholds;
  • group effect patterns and determine mode–of–action–effect relationships;
  • Lab: work with zebrafish embryos, chemical exposure, toxicogenomics, effect observations;
  • computational: mixture modelling, pattern recognition, data science.

Your profile

  • university degree (Master’s degree, university diploma, or equivalent) in the field of mathematical modelling, data science, environmental sciences, (eco)toxicology, (systems)biology, chemistry, life science or a related subject;
  • affinity and experience with data analysis;
  • dealing with large data sets and their statistical evaluation;
  • understanding of basic toxicological principles;
  • Creativity and hands-on problem-solving attitude;
  • High ability to work independently;
  • Interpersonal and oral/written communication skills (English is required, German is advantageous).

Application and contact details

Application deadline: 12-May-2024