MSc thesis in Ecotoxicology at Bayer Crop Sciences

The University of Koblenz-Landau and Bayer Crop Sciences in Monheim jointly offer a MSc thesis in “Investigating the mechanistic basis for species specific sensitivity towards insecticides”.

Industrialized civilizations depend on a large number of synthesized chemical compounds which can come into contact with the environment. Among these compounds, plant protection products (PPP) are designed to control pest organisms in agricultural settings but have the potential to cause unintentional adverse effects in non-target species. However, non-target species drastically differ in their sensitivity to PPPs which makes it challenging to estimate the potential risk communities face following PPP exposure.

In this project the student will investigate if P450 detoxification enzymes are responsible for the observed differences in aquatic organisms’ species specific sensitivity after PPP exposure.

If you want to apply, please attach a letter of motivation. The application deadline is July 31. For more information, please see the official job posting available for download below: