Master thesis in the team “Community Ecology & Ecotoxicology”

The team “Community Ecology & Ecotoxicology” offers a Master thesis on the influence of pesticide mixtures on the development of European common frog (Rana temporiara).

Photos by C. Brühl

In our contemporary agricultural landscapes waterbodies for breeding of amphibians, as for example ponds, are surrounded by cropped fields that also receive pesticide treatments. Water pesticide analysis was performed in spring and summer 2016 in Swiss ponds where breeding of amphibians stopped a decade ago and where amphibians declined, despite favourable structural features (a TV feature can be seen here, from min 12:30).
This master thesis will study the effect of specific, measured pesticide mixtures on the development of the European Common frog and tries to answer the question if aquatic exposure to these mixtures is the cause of the observed decline.
The project is integrated in our previous work with amphibians (more information can be found here) and a collaboration with colleagues from KARCH, Switzerland.
Candidates should have a background in amphibian ecology and some understanding of ecotoxicology. Laboratory experience and sound statistical understanding are a requirement.
For more information contact Carsten Brühl.