Student conference in France with session on Ecotoxicology

At the 13th International Meeting Ecology & Behaviour in Chize, France from 19th to 23rd of June 2017 a session on Ecotoxicology and Ecophysiology is also included.

This conference is hosted every year by a different French research center, and this edition will be held in the Centre d’Etudes Biologiques de Chizé (Deux-Sèvres department). It is an event organized by, and for students and young researchers, with an international participation every year and a growing success. There are six session themes with twelve plenaries by experienced researchers, platform presentations in the sessions is open to Master students, PhD students and post docs to present their work. The accommodation and meals of the students who present (oral or poster) are fully supported and no registration fee is required to participate. Only transportation has to be covered.

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