Important Updates from the BlogTeam!

Dear readers, have a look at our three latest updates:

Stay safe

For nearly five years now, the EcotoxBlog has reported on ecotoxicological research, job offerings, or other related topics, ultimately aiming at safeguarding the environment. What we didn’t fully safeguard, was our own IT-security. However, we are happy to announce having finalized the migration to a full SSL-encryption, bringing the Blog up to current IT standards and ensuring a safe use of our site. Because of that change, your old bookmarks, using the http:// prefix, may currently result in a faulty redirection that we are trying to resolve, so that no action is required on your end. In the meantime, please use the correct link:

Get involved

Also, we want to take this opportunity to encourage everyone to submit blog postings about your current research, new projects, ecotoxicological news, or even negative results. The submission process has been streamlined and simple submission guidelines can be found here, so that writing a blogpost won’t cost too much of your valuable time. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via

Looks matter

The blog has looked the same for quite some time now and while we still want to stay true to the original design, some minor changes are planned. If you want to help out, we are currently looking for additional photographs that reflect ecotoxicology in Landau, which we believe is far more than just field trials as the current background would suggest. So any submission of high resolution photos showing laboratory, analytical, in-field, meta-analytical, computational, statistical, or similar practices, are highly welcome and can be sent to

We hope to hear from you!

Best wishes

The EcotoxBlog-Team