Hola Guapos!

Hi guys! My name is Kym and I am a second year Ecotox Master’s student here at the University Koblenz-Landau. I will be giving you little tidbits of info about the Master’s program as we go along. I also plan on getting some of my fellow students to share their research with you. Currently, I am close to the end of the third semester and the work load has hit in full force! At the moment I am working on assignments for my elective courses: Biogeochemical Interfaces (BGI), Current Topics in Environmental Physics, and Geoecology. BGI is a great course with an awesome teacher, however I must warn…… it is a lot of work! Definitely not for the faint of heart. Current Topics in Environmental Physics has also been a pretty cool course as we basically get to sit around with the PhD students from the Environmental Physics department discussing their current research, and I must say I have learned a lot. Geoecology, another rocking elective!…. all I can say is I have never laughed so much in a class before….. Thank you Dr. Jungkunst!

Well, that’s all for now, but do check back with me as I plan on covering some of the important topics including: what to do to get settled in Landau, what to expect from your internship, our SETAC barcelona fundraisers, important things you need to know to survive the German university system, and of course the fun and interesting research of myself and my fellow students.


🙂 Kym