Theses in the groups of Landscape Ecology and Ecosystem Analysis

In this post, the working groups Landscape Ecology and Ecosystem Analysis jointly offer three thesis topics related to Transylvanian pesticide use.


Transylvania is not only home of Dracula, but also the region with lowest pesticide use in Europe. Part of the agricultural production is still extensive with minor or no use of pesticides.

Highly industrialised agriculture with intensive pesticide use is occasionally conducted directly adjacent to extensive farmlands, enabling a comparison of the environmental impact of both agricultural regimes.

You have the opportunity to do your thesis in an international project of the working groups Landscape Ecology and Ecosystem Analysis. The field study will start in April 2016, and you will investigate effects along a pesticide gradient in a field study in Romania (starting date of thesis is nevertheless partly flexible).

We offer three theses

1. Survey and determination of terrestrial Diplopoda, Isopoda and Gastropoda

2. Survey and determination of aquatic invertebrates or microorganisms

3. Sampling and determination of pesticides occurring in Romanian streams

The students will have the opportunity to join a paid research stay in Cluj, Romania – which is the 2015 European Youth Capital with thriving night live.

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