12 PhD positions in Environmental Sciences at Uni Koblenz-Landau

We are offering 12 PhD positions to assess aquatic-terrestrial interfaces under anthropogenic stress as part of the research training group “SystemLink” based at Campus Landau.

Streams are hotspots of ecological and biogeochemical processes, but are strongly influenced by humans. In our project “SystemLink”, we focus on the propagation of anthropogenic stressors from aquatic to terrestrial ecosystems. We study how micropollutants and invasive species affect riparian ecosystems through abiotic (flooding and sedimentation) and biotic processes (insect and amphibian emergence). The focus will be on all compartments of the ecosystems, including waterbodies, soils and aboveground food webs.

The 12 PhD researchers will work within small teams, yet together as an entire group on aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. They will conduct experiments in unique aquatic-terrestrial mesocosm facilities combined with laboratory and field research, or develop and apply process-based environmental models.

For more details, please see here and the official job posting:

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