12 doctoral research positions in SystemLink at Campus Landau

The DFG-funded research training group ‘SystemLink’ at University of Koblenz – Landau is offering 12 doctoral research positions as part of its second cohort.

The 12 research positions (project titles) are as follows :-

  1. PhD project: Aquatic-terrestrial pollutant transfer
  2. PhD project: Aquatic subsidies determine terrestrial biodiversity
  3. PhD project: Rhizosphere biogeochemistry
  4. PhD project: Top down effects and pollutant system analysis
  5. PhD project: Subsidy quality in aquatic-terrestrial foodwebs
  6. PhD project: Floodplain greenhouse gas emissions
  7. PhD project: Aquatic-terrestrial food-web interactions
  8. PhD project: Aquatic subsidies in terrestrial food webs
  9. PhD project: Floodplain C-N dynamics
  10. PhD project: Modelling of aquatic-terrestrial flows
  11. PhD project: Soil contamination effects on food webs
  12. PhD project: Hydrological effects on riparian food-webs

The researchers will work on different projects having interconnections in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. Experiments will be conducted in unique mesocosm facilities along with laboratory and field work. The research work will be complemented by an individualized course program.

Candidates should possess a Masters or diploma in environmental sciences, ecology, environmental modelling or a relevant discipline. A strong background in analytical and statistical techniques along with fluency in English (spoken and written) is required.

The research position will commence in October 2022. Along with a good working environment, researchers will also be paid 65% of a full-time position along with other benefits.

Please send your application specifying for which PhD position you apply (including a 1-page letter of motivation, a complete curriculum vitae including copies of certificates, a list of publications/presentations and a reference letter from a mentor) before 28. February 2022 via email in a single pdf document to referat-L21@uni-landau.de. Please make sure to mention your name and the reference number 05/2022 in the subject line of the e-mail. Potential candidates shall be prepared to participate in a three-day workshop online or in Landau.

Deadline for applications is 28th February, 2022.

The official job posting along with a detailed description of the 12 research positions can be accessed in the following attachments –