You can contribute to the EcotoxBlog!

The EcotoxBlog welcomes contributions from guest authors. This is your chance to share your stories with our community – our more than 2600 followers on Twitter and Facebook, and our blog visitors from around the globe.

Dear readers of the EcotoxBlog,

The summer has come quickly this year as most of you have hopefully hunkered down and stayed healthy during this global health crisis. As such, scientific discourse has also slowed down, as conventions were cancelled, laboratory work became more difficult, and general workflows have decelerated.

However, with many of you working from home, you may also find yourself wanting to share your work with your peers online. Thus, we want to invite you to share your current research by submitting a blogpost. Potential topics could be:

  • Current research
  • New projects
  • Ecotoxicological news or opinions
  • RPCs / Theses
  • Negative results

The submission process has been streamlined and simple submission guidelines can be found here, so that writing a blogpost won’t cost too much of your valuable time. You provide the content, we take care of the rest.

We hope to hear from you and if you have any questions about the submission, scope, or anything else, just send us an email.

Your EcotoxBlog team