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Midsummer science

I am Jacob, 21 years old, and I just completed 3 semesters of studying Environmental Sciences in Landau. The moment when Mirco Bundschuh offered me to come to Sweden and work on his new and interesting project I knew I want to pause one semester to not miss this opportunity. Packed with 3 cooling boxes filled with frozen leaf material, I flew over to Sweden into my first adventurous internship abroad, which should become an exciting time to keep in mind.

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AMEO 2016 Part I: Wildlife Monitoring & Freshwater Ecotox


For my semester colleagues and me, it is time to spread our wings to perform an internship at another university department, an agency or a company, in Germany or abroad. This first part will provide impressions from my studies on wildlife monitoring in Denmark and Stefan’s AMEO on effects of pesticides in Romania. Continue reading