STAIR (Studium- Arbeit- Integration am Rhein)

In this post, you learn about the STAIR project that aims to integrate our international students into the regional job market.

stair„STAIR“ is part of the initiative „Study + Work“ which was founded by the representative of the German Ministry of Economics and Energy and the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft. STAIR as one of the successful projects focusses on the employment situation especially in the Rhine Neckar Area (including Palatina Region).

Together with partners from industry, science, management and administration, the universities accompany their international students through their courses of study/ study course, suggest ways of entering the job market and assist in integrating them into society.

Our university joined this project (started by the Hochschule Worms and Hochschule Ludwigshafen) to widen the range of activities for international students within the Rhine-Neckar-Region and to get in contact and interact with different institutions in this area.

The program consists of four “Steps” to integrate international students.

  1. “Get settled”: onboarding prep courses, amateur interpreter’s pool, regulars table, volunteer mentoring with primary school students
  2. “Get prepared”: Language courses, courses on study skills and intercultural training
  3. “Get ready”: Application portfolio check, applicant training, prep courses for the labor market in Germany, contact to employers, startup advice
  4. “Go”: Internships, jobs, startups

By taking part in this project, companies can not only get into contact with qualified young academics, they can also add to their pool of applicants and enhance diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

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