SETAC SciCon is almost here!

The SETAC SciCon virtual space is getting ready to welcome you, starting with the opening ceremony on Sunday May 3rd! In this blog, Kelly Derom from SETAC Europe is giving us a sneak peek of what’s ahead from May 3-7.

It was just a month ago when the decision was made to move one of the largest conferences in environmental toxicology and chemistry, the SETAC Europe 30th Annual Meeting, to be held in Dublin, Ireland, to a fully online meeting and change it into SETAC SciCon. Now we are two short weeks away from one of the most exciting last-minute changes SETAC Europe ever pulled off.

SETAC SciCon logo (taken from the website:

The programme includes live assemblies and keynote speeches on topics such as the European Green Deal, biodiversity and the role of big data, and safety assessment without animal testing, on-demand video and poster presentations, opportunities to engage with exhibitors and presenters from around the world, and much more.

Advantages of the virtual conference are scheduling flexibility, lower cost to participate, and reduced carbon footprint

Posters and presentations will be available to all participants on-demand, up to one month following the event. Moreover, colleagues who would not have been able to travel to Dublin now have the opportunity to participate. Emissions from travel, the conference centre and catering are eliminated. Registration fees have been reduced to make the event more accessible.

SETAC annual meetings facilitate scientific progress

SETAC SciCon will provide a forum where environmental professionals can exchange ideas and present their research for the development and use of multidisciplinary scientific principles and practices leading to sustainable environmental quality. The online programme will include an estimated 500 pre-recorded platform presentations and 1,100 posters organized across eight tracks.

The conference offers various networking opportunities

Meeting participants can connect during live keynote presentations and moderated Q&A platform and poster sessions. Exhibitors and clients can interact at virtual exhibitor booths. And, throughout the online space, we will provide topical chat lounges focused on life cycle assessment, microplastics, risk assessment and more, a mentorship programme where mentors and mentees can connect and exchange ideas about their research, and an opportunity for people to connect with potential employers.

Looking for a sneak peek of the virtual venue?

We also invite you to tour the virtual space demo; we think you will be as excited as we are to accelerate the move to online!

Join us on this journey by experiencing the probably biggest shift in conference style since the foundation of SETAC! We look forward to seeing you at SETAC SciCon and more virtual events in the future!

For more information, visit or contact SETAC Europe.