Sessions (co-)organised by Landau researchers at SETAC AM in Rome

In this post, we would like to draw your attention to six sessions that we are (co-)organising for the upcoming SETAC Europe 28th Annual Meeting in Rome from 13-17 May 2018.

The abstract submission for the SETAC Europe 28th Annual Meeting has recently opened and will close on 29 November 2017. We are (co-)organising the following six sessions within three tracks outlined below. We are looking forward to your submissions to one of our sessions. The official abstract submission page can be accessed here.

Track 1: Ecotoxicology and human toxicology: from molecules to organisms, from omics to in vivo

Fungicides – an overlooked compound group? Fate, effects, risk assessment and
mitigation (Ralf Bernhard Schäfer, Jochen Zubrod, Jes Rasmussen, Gertie Arts) – View abstract

State of the science: Future challenges and improvements on Non-Target-Arthropod testing (Stefan Kimmel, Carsten Bruehl, Martina Ross-Nickoll, Csaba Szentes) – View abstract

Track 2: Ecotoxicology becomes stress ecology: from populations to ecosystems and landscapes

Ecological risks under complex, multiple-stressor threat scenarios: integrating chemical
effects with environmental drivers (Paul van den Brink, Katherine Dafforn, Jeremy Piggott, Ralf Bernhard Schäfer) – View abstract

Lab and field based experimental approaches to investigate ecosystem integrity under multiple stress (Mirco Bundschuh, Jochen Zubrod) – View abstract

Salt of the earth – causes, consequences and management of salinization of surface
freshwaters, groundwaters and soils (Ben J Kefford, Ralf Bernhard Schäfer) – View abstract

Track 4: Ecological risk assessment and human health risk assessment of chemicals, mixtures and stressors and risk mitigation strategies

Wastewater effluents: How research can improve risk assessment and regulation (Dean Leverett, Mirco Bundschuh) – View abstract