Session on Aquatic Ecotoxicology at 33rd DGL Conference

This year’s conference of the German Association for Limnology (DGL), which will be held in Cottbus from 25th to 29th of September, 2017, will again feature a session on aquatic ecotoxicology.

“Waterbodies in changing landscapes“ – with this conference motto, the hosts DGL and Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus‐Senftenberg aim at raising awareness of challenges for science and water management that come along with spacious, use-related landscape changes.

As one of overall 16 focus topics, the session “Aquatic Ecotoxicology” will increase understanding of ecotoxicological processes within waterbodies and thereby promote conservation of aquatic biodiversity and ecosystem functions. The session includes both experimental studies on fate and effects of anthropogenic chemicals (from laboratory to field scale and modelling) and mixture studies including a range of abiotic and biotic stressors.

For more details, please see the 33rd DGL Conference website and the Aquatic Ecotoxicology session abstract (both only available in German).