REMINDER: Webinar on plastic pollution with a focus on informal recycling sector

The International Knowledge Hub Against Plastic Pollution (IKHAPP) will hold a webinar tomorrow (December 2) at 2:00 PM (GMT).

 IKHAPP is an open platform that will give a cohesive authoritative voice to researchers and experts working for solutions to plastic pollution. The community will highlight the work of individuals and groups to be showcased on the IKHAPP web pages. IKHAPP will also be working to bring this knowledge to stakeholders (especially governments and authorities in developing countries as well as in the developed world).

To celebrate its soft launch on December 2, IHKAPP will bridge the knowledge gaps in the informal recycling sector by organising a webinar entitled “Important but ignored? The role of the informal sector in a future international agreement on plastic pollution” .

Further information about the webinar, registraion link and the agenda can be found on our previous blogpost –