Post-doc position to study interactions between microalgae and synthetic polymers at LUT University

The Department of Separation Science of LUT School of Engineering Science is hiring a postdoctoral researcher in the new project – MicroPoly (funded by Academy of Finland) . The project aims to investigate interactions between microalgae & synthetic polymers (e.g., microplastics). The start date is 3 October 2022 (or as agreed), and the location is LUT’s Mikkeli campus.

Main responsibilities include:-

  1. To conduct field sampling to collect wastewater during the project duration.
  2. To establish and conduct laboratory experiments on the identification and analysis of synthetic polymers (e.g., microplastics) in municipal wastewater by various analytical techniques.
  3. To conduct laboratory experiments to study the interactions between synthetic polymers (e.g., microplastics) and microalgae (according to the project requirements).
  4. To plan, conduct, interpret and communicate the research and results.
  5. To assist in the supervision and training of B.Sc, M.Sc. and doctoral students.

Candidates should have completed university studies with a doctorate (PhD) in environmental chemistry, environmental sciences, toxicology or related fields with a good record of publications in peer-reviewed journals. Relevant experience with synthetic polymers (e.g., microplastics) analysis under clean and controlled conditions in environmental matrices and down to the low µm scale is sought. The candidate should be able to conduct independent scientific work and teaching skills. Excellent skills in spoken and written English are required.

Desirable: Knowledge of data management and statistical analysis. The ability to use Microsoft Excel with a high level of competence is necessary, and proficiency in other statistical data packages (including but not limited to SPSS, R, MATLAB) is desirable.

Deadline for Applications: 20 August 2022 at midnight, Finnish local time (UTC + 3 h). 

For further information, please contact Professor Amit Bhatnagar via the e-mail address:

This project is led by Prof. Amit Bhatnagar, head of the “Water Treatment and Algal Biotechnology” research group in LUT’s Mikkeli campus.

For more information on the job posting and the process for online application, please refer to the following link:-