PhD in developing New Hazard Indicators for the Evaluation of Replacement Products at UFZ, Leipzig

The Department of Cell Toxicology at Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research, Leipzig invites applications for a PhD Researcher. The position starts in March 2023.

Some of the major tasks related to the position include (but are not limited to):-

  1. Working in a research project that has the aim to develop new hazard indicators (cumulative and persistent toxicity equivalents (CTE and PTE)) that have the potential to modernize PBT-assessment within environmental risk assessment of chemicals.
  2. Developing case studies for a better assessment of replacement products using the CTE and PTE hazard indicators.
  3. Measuring the effects of environmental pollutants with high-throughput cellular bioassays.
  4. Presenting results at international conferences and prepare publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Prospective candidates should hold a Master in environmental sciences, biology, chemistry, bioanalysis, (eco)toxicology, environmental system analysis, geoecology or related areas along with research experience with in vitro bioassays, toxicology or microbiology/biodegradation. Candidates must also possess skills in IT and data evaluation/modelling.

Application deadline – 4th January, 2023

For more information regarding the job position and online application, please visit the link given below:-