PhD opportunity in Analytical Chemistry at VU Amsterdam

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam offers a PhD position in analytical chemistry with focus on human health and exposure assessment, embedded in their graduate program on Antimicrobial Research and Resistance.

The project is described as follows: In utero or lactational exposure of newborns may arise from the use of antibiotics by the mother during pregnancy, and in the first months after delivery of the baby. From the perspective of the health of the developing child, unnecessary exposure to subtherapeutic doses of antibiotics should be avoided. Little is known about placental transfer of antibiotics or their metabolites, that could also originate from the diet of the mother through e.g. the occurrence of antibiotic residues in meat or other food products. To contribute to the assessment of perinatal exposure of antibiotics we will develop, validate and apply analytical methods for quantitative analysis of a selection of (metabolites of) antibiotics in pregnancy related matrices such as amniotic fluid, meconium, cord blood, placenta, breastmilk, as well as mother’s blood and urine.

A general description of the graduate programme can be found here. Interested candidates can contact Marja Lamoree (, Senior Researcher in Analytical Chemistry, Environment & Health at Vrije Universiteit.