PhD fellowship in Geophysics at University of Strasbourg

The Earth & Environment Institute (ITES) at University of Strasbourg (France) is inviting applications for a PhD – fellowship in the field of geophysics. The topic of the research project is ‘Pesticide Transport and Transformation from Soil to Groundwater using Stable Isotopes’. The positions starts in January 2024.

Work to be performed by the doctoral fellow includes:-
1. Evaluation of pesticide transformation in soil, unsaturated zone and groundwater in a major aquifer in Alsace (France).

2. Application of methods for stable isotope analysis of pesticides in environmental compartments.

3. Interpretation and prediction of pesticide dissipation processes in relation with the nitrogen cycle and fertilization.

4. Working collaboratively within a multidisciplinary team and with external partners (IPREM Pau and Sorbonne University).

5. Preparing peer-reviewed scientific publications and presentations for scientific conferences.

Prospective applicants should have:-

  1. A Master degree in environmental sciences, in particular in the field of contaminant hydrogeology or biogeochemistry and/or environmental chemistry.
  2. Experience in field work, hydro(geo)chemical analysis, analytical chemistry and possibly in isotope analysis.
  3. Proven capacities to report scientific results, at least 1 published or ongoing article in peer-reviewed journals of the field.
  4. Communication skills and an ability to work in an interdisciplinary team with scientists, engineers and technicians.
  5. A demonstrated international research experience is required.

Application deadline: 15th September, 2023

More information on the job position and application process can be found in the attached file:-