Multiple PhD positions in QTOX Project at several European universities

The QTOX Project (Quantitative Extrapolation in Ecotoxicology EU-funded project) is accepting applications for 10 PhD positions to work on quantitative ecotoxicology. These positions are distributed across several European universities.

10 motivated Doctoral Candidates (DCs) with the skills and enthusiasm to help the network make significant research breakthroughs in QTOX. Selected DCs will enroll in a PhD degree program and be employed for 36 months to benefit from a multidisciplinary and multisectoral consortium aimed to develop mechanistic knowledge and data-efficient modeling tools to bridge the gap between standard toxicity data and ecologically relevant endpoints arising from chronic, time variable exposures to chemical mixtures. 

Application deadline: 13th November, 2022 (until 5:00 pm CET)

For more details on the various PhD positions and online application procedure, please refer to the link given below:-