MSc thesis on biomarkers for ecotoxicology at Uni Koblenz-Landau

We are offering a thesis on the topic “Amino and fatty acid profiles – sensible biomarkers for ecotoxicological studies?” in our working group “Functional Aquatic Ecotoxicology”.

Amino and fatty acids in aquatic and terrestrial organisms are often used as indicators for changes in their physiology. These physiological changes may have consequences for species reproductive capacity but also influence their nutritious value as prey for higher trophic levels. With the aim of developing a comprehensive picture on how chemical and other stressors change the amino and fatty acid profile of aquatic as well as terrestrial organisms, we are offering a project performed in close collaboration with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. This work involves the review of published studies, which should be performed in a quantitative manner to allow statistical analyses. This project will be conducted in Germany and could serve as a master thesis project.

The candidate should be familiar with techniques of literature research and prepared for work that is to be performed mainly at the desk. Statistical knowledge and hands on experience with “R” is an asset. Start date is flexible.

In case of interest or questions, please consult either Marco Konschak (, Jochen Zubrod (, Alexander Feckler (, or Mirco Bundschuh (