Looking back #2

In this series of posts, alumni share their experiences gathered during their time in Landau. Today: Bogdan Dehelean.

Bogdan doing a DVAC sample

Bogdan doing a DVAC sample

“In my view, the Ecotoxicology master program offers a good chance for students to get involved in a scientific domain that is full of excitement and opportunities. I found out about the program as an Erasmus student in Landau when I took some classes along with the regular students. In these lectures, I got interested to see what this field has to offer more, therefore after finishing my bachelor I came back to Landau for the full master program. Another aspect that made me choose Landau is the structure that offers a balance between theoretical lectures and practical work.

Once I was there the university and the student organizations were very helpful in the accommodation process that is not easy if you are not a German speaker. Besides the accommodation, the university through its scientific work groups can offer students opportunities to work on different projects. In my case, working in such projects helped me to improve my skills and develop very good working ethics.

The third-semester internship gave me the opportunity to work for five months in an outside company. The knowledge I got from the lectures along with my taxonomy skills and my passion for this kind of work help me to get the position I currently have in the company. Therefore, I encourage current and future ecotoxicology students to follow their passions.

I advise students to take the challenge and apply for the program. It is neither easy nor hard; it is exactly how you make it for yourself. If you study well, work smart and put passion in all the things, you will not be disappointed in what the program will offer you and how much you will develop in two years.”

Bogdan is currently with Mitox Trial Management BV.