International Exhibition Extended! Opening on 5th July!

Last semester the Welcome Center Landau and the University Shop organised an exhibition under the title “University of Koblenz-Landau Goes International”. With this international exhibition we wanted to portray students from abroad, who joined us and contribute to the diverse community of our university. All of them have become active members of our international student body. They commit themselves to supporting their fellow students or show how they made their way to Landau and have faced the challenges of daily life in a foreign country. Now we are extending our exhibition!

Extension of the international exhibition

The display of the first exhibition started in December 2016. Since we received a lot of positive feedback about the exhibition from students and staff alike, we have extended it and portrayed more international students. This way, our international exhibition will now truely lead you around world. Visitors can learn more about foreign countries, cultures and languages. Among the portrays, you will find Ecotox students, as well as students from other programs or departments.

Opening of the extended exhibition!

We will move the extended exhibition to a new location. Therefore, from 5th July onwards it will be on display in the library. And we are happy to invite you to the opening on 5th July!

The international exhibition will be opened by our new vice-president, Prof. Dr. Gabriele Schaumann, on 5th July at 11 a.m. in the library (on the lower floor).

Guests of the exhibition can take part in a small quiz about the exhibition. The winners will be rewarded with prizes from our university shop. In addition, there will be a small reception, as well.

We look forward to meeting you on 5th July and taking you on an imaginary journey around the world!