Join the International Dance Party!

Yaaay, the first of its kind international dance party in Landau! The international community in Landau is growing fast. In a bid to exchange native culture and values, a group of Ecotox and Environmental Sciences students decided to host a party where internationals can showcase music and dance steps from their country in a creative way.

Requirements for participation:

1.) Form a group with your country or related country peers. If no related countries, then proudly represent your country
2.) Submit your favourite dance music by posting the music here (music requirements: clean, danceable and native)
3.) Create dance steps that others can follow or freestyle
4.) Come with your dancing shoes and fun caps


Katholische Hochschulgemeinde (KHG) Moltkestrasse 9 (near Weissquartierplatz) 76829 Landau


22nd April, 2016, 20:00 GMT


International and German Students



HIGHLIGHTS: Intercultural dance sessions, Dancing games, DJ spinning sessions and plenty food and drinks


PLEASE REGISTER HERE for the International Dance Party:


This international dance party can serve as an opportunity:
• for outgoing (thesis stage) Masters Ecotoxicology students to have fun together before departing
• for incoming exchange and new students to experience first-hand fun and get to know everybody
• for current Environmental Science and Ecotoxicology students to relieve the stress and pressure,
• for all students that will like to show some dance steps or have fun.

Join the international dance party and get to know other cultures and dances!