Series of Sessions – Getting ready for the job market!

In summer semester 2017 the Welcome Center Landau offers a series of sessions under the title “Getting Ready for the Job Market” for international students and PhDs who plan to stay in Germany.

Series of Sessions – Getting ready for the job market!

The series consists of 5 sessions or workshops which we organise in cooperation with several institutions on campus, as well as external partners and presenters. Each session is providing information about or preparing for the time after graduation from the master’s program or PhD. The first sessions on application coaching, e-portfolio applications and administrative regulations and legal matters were very successful. Many students have shown an interest in these topics.

Professional application photos

In addition, the Welcome Center also arranges appointments for a photo shooting with the photographer of the Medienzentrum for professional application photographs. In Germany, companies usually expect applicants to include a photo on their C.V. We are offering time slots for photo sessions in the Fotostudio of the Medienzentrum. During these, you can have a professional photo taken, which you can use for applications.

If you are interested in having a professional picture taken for job applications, you can book a time slot in the Welcome Center.

You can make an appointment for 26th or 28th July (during the mornings). Just contact the Welcome Center!

Further sessions…

In July there will be two further sessions. On 19th July you can learn more about starting your own business, and in how far the university can support students. Starting your own business is a big step that involves a lot of preparation, paperwork, permits, and many more things. The Gründungsbüro of the University of Koblenz-Landau, therefore, offers a session for international students about starting your own business and how to begin that process.

On 26th July the final session of our series will take place. During this session, we will inform students about options to study for a PhD. Are you thinking about starting your PhD but don’t know how you should set that step in motion? Are you not sure about the things you need to take into consideration when starting your PhD? Then you are welcome to attend our seminar “Studying for a PhD – How to get started”. The Interdisciplinary Graduate Center will provide students with the necessary information.

You can find an overview of all sessions here…