Exhibition – University of Koblenz-Landau Goes International

In December the Welcome Center Landau and the University shop opened the exhibition University of Koblenz-Landau Goes International. Since then the portraits of several international students who are studying at our campus in Landau can be seen in building K, in the corridor on ground floor.

The Welcome Center Landau and the Alumni department/ University shop at campus Landau are located right next to each other since 2014. This proximity of the two offices has led to a series of co-operations. In 2015, for example, the University shop offered a pre-christmas honey-and-wine-tasting especially for internationals. Thus, our students from abroad could taste regional products in a festive setting. The products of the University shop are very popular with our international guests, in general. Students from abroad, guest researchers, international guests or summer school participants – all of them visit the University shop to get a souvenir of campus Landau. This exhibition intensifies the co-operation between the two offices.

The Exhibition – University of Koblenz-Landau Goes International

With the exhibition we would like to portray students from abroad, who joined us and contribute to the diverse community of our university. All of them have become active members of our international student body. They commit themselves to supporting their international fellow students or show how they made their way to Landau and have faced the challenges of daily life in a foreign country. Many of them study in our international master’s programs in Ecotoxicology and Environmental Sciences.

Opening of the exbition in December 2016

The exhibition is still on until the end of the semester. A brochure about the exhibition is available and ready for collection in building K, too. So if you are interested in getting an idea of how international our university has already become, take the chance and have a look at the portrayed students.



We would like to thank everyone who helped realizing this exhibition. And we hope you enjoy a tour around the exhibition!