Don’t miss the chance!

Today we inform you about the approaching deadline for applications for the Masters program in Ecotoxicology.

The region around Landau – the German Tuscany

Searching for a Masters program with a good perspective that suits you?

Situated in Landau in the so-called German Tuscany, the Institute for Environmental Sciences of the University of Koblenz-Landau offers a Masters program in Ecotoxicology that is tailored to the needs of an international audience.

6 good reasons for starting a Masters in Ecotoxicology in Landau

1. Degree program with a future

As a result of economic development and climate change the impact of pollutants on ecosystems are increasing on a global scale. Environmental concerns and more stringent laws provide good jobs for Ecotoxicologists.

Students at an excursion to the chemical industry

Students at an excursion to the chemical industry

2. Excellence in research and teaching

Our lecturers are involved in international collaborative research projects and with governmental advisory groups. This means they are able to incorporate the very latest developments in their teaching.

3. Practical experience

The study program includes not only a series of practical laboratory and field courses, but also eight weeks of internship in a company or research organization.

4. Contact and interaction

Students develop their individual strengths and interests through close contact with faculty.

5. Moderate costs

German universities are state-funded, therefore no tuition fees are charged and only living costs apply.

6. Support for international students

The International Welcome Center provides support for incoming students, and makes the transition to life in Germany as easy as possible.

Students during a lab course

Students during a lab course

Deadline for application is July 15. So don’t miss the chance and apply now!

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Looking forward to seeing you in Landau!