We celebrate our 200th post!!!

Did you notice that this morning’s post was our 200th? No worries, we did 🙂 Time to say thanks to all those who made this possible!


One and a half years ago we started this undertaking with only Marion and me on the BlogTeam but with a lot of technical support by friends and particularly Christian Schneider from the CMS team as well as a very motivating atmosphere provided by research staff and staff involved in the Ecotox Master’s program. Thank you!

Very soon the BlogTeam started to grow and we had our first student bloggers on board providing us with first-hand insights about their and their fellow students’ experiences during the Master’s program as well as their first contacts with the scientific community. Thank you!

Also our scientific staff and fellow researchers soon startet to regularly post summaries of their Ecotox-related scientific work (be it publications, granted projects, or updates about ongoing research), written in non-technical language to make these contents accessible to a wide and potentially non-scientific audience – and we all know how hard this is for any scientist. Thank you!

Last but by no means least, our users are to be mentioned. Only two months after the blog’s launch, our page views stabilised at around 1,500 per month with accesses from all around the world and an ever-growing number of followers on Facebook and Twitter. Your interest is what keeps this blog going! Thank you!

I am excited about and looking forward to our next 200 posts!

So long